**I just wrote this page up real quick. I will explain the program in more details when I get a chance, and not suffering from writers block**

At times, we have spectacular puppies that we would like to retain for breeding future generations. However, it is unfair to keep all these dogs to myself, knowing very well of this breed’s need for extensive socialization and individual attention. As such, I have spoken with several breeders, who introduced me to the concept of fosters. So, I have now come up with my Foster-to-Own program.

In a nutshell – Your pet, my breeding rights. You’ll pay for the pup up front (although exceptions are sometimes made, especially if I already know you), but gets a full refund when the dog retires and gets spayed/neutered – so in essence a free dog.

You are responsible the dog’s routine needs and expenses as a pet – shots, food, training, supplies etc., as well as the final spay/neuter. In addition, you’ll need to commit to train your dog and pass the Canine Good Neighbour (CGN) test or Socialized Pet Obedience (SPOT) test, as well as to get the dog titled in any kind of UKC recognized dog events of your choosing, at your cost, before the AKK’s 2nd birthday.

I pay for any expenses in regards to health testing vet bills and transporting the dog for breeding. You will also get a first consideration and special discount with daycare/boarding at my place.

There will be a contract to be signed, laying out all the terms.

If you want to ask some fellow Foster-to-Own families about their experience so far, feel free to contact me and I’ll connect you.

Stay tuned….

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