Available Dogs

I have NO puppies currently available. My next litter is expected around March 2019.

I have 2 adults retiring around Summer 2019.


How do I qualify for a TO.P.A.Z. AKK puppy?

To be considered for one of our puppies please click this link to FILL OUT AN APPLICATION . The current wait time for a puppy is approximately 3 litters, or up to 18 months.

*I may not review your application right away* I can only review your application as my time and breeding plans permit. This may take some time, and until I approve your application and receive a deposit from you, you are not bound in any way to any of my puppies. I will email you when I’ve made a decision.

Approved applications will be added to my waiting list, in the order that they were originally received. So if you sent me the completed application on Jan 1, but it takes me 6 months to approve. No worries, because your position on the list will be based on the Jan 1. You will be offered puppies according to your position on the waiting list as well as deposit status (see next section for details about DEPOSITS).

Your application and deposit expires after 2 years from the date of application received. After 2 years, you will be dropped from the list and will need to reapply.

Is any deposits required?

To get on my waiting list – NO deposit is required.

To reserve THE NEXT AVAILABLE puppy – a CAD$300 deposit is required. You are guaranteed to be offered to choose a puppy within 2 litters once I received your deposit. I reserve the right to turn down any advance deposits for any reason. Due to the small litter sizes (generally 1-4 puppies per litter) for this breed, I only allow a maximum of 4 active deposits at any point of time.

The deposit amount will be applied to the final price of the puppy.

This deposit will be fully refunded if it is due to my decision to drop you off the list for any reason at any time, or that I fail to offer you at least one puppy pick opportunity within the two years of your application received. Please understand that your puppy pick opportunities are based on what Mother Nature blesses us with, and may not meet all of your puppy preferences.

If you change your mind about adopting an AKK, or fail to choose a puppy from puppy pick opportunities by the time your application expires (2 years after your application is received), you will forfeit your deposit and no refunds will be given.

How much are Alaskan Klee Kai puppies?

In general, you can expect to spend around CAD$2000-4000 on a pet quality Alaskan Klee Kai puppy, even more on a show/breed quality pup. On occasion, older, retired, or rescued puppies/dogs may be available at a lower to no cost (contractual terms may apply).

Make sure that the AKK you’re buying is UKC or ARBA (or both) registered!! Be aware of scams and non-UKC registered or mixed breed puppies posing as purebred Alaskan Klee Kai!

  • In many scams, you will send money but never see any puppy.
  • Random non-reputable registries will call anything with 4 legs and a tail an AKK as long as the person registering it pays the bill.
  • Unscrupulous people who post on classifieds sites may advertise any fluffy baby dog as an “AKK without papers” knowing they will fetch in thousands of dollars from unsuspecting buyers

TO.P.A.Z. puppies for pet homes are currently priced at CAD$2300 including any applicable GST/HST. All our dogs and puppies are UKC Purple Ribbon registered (meaning purebred ancestry confirmed for a minimum of 7 generations).

What is “Health Testing”?

Parents of your Alaskan Klee Kai puppy should have minimally received OFA (Orthopedic Foundation of Animals) certification in Thyroid, Cardiac (heart), Patella (knee) and Eyes. Breeders who choose to publish these 4 results will receive a CHIC number for the dogs. Some breeders will also have blood tests run on the dogs to make sure that their blood count, liver function and kidney function are good. Furthermore, every dog should have been cleared by the vet as physically healthy and fit for breeding.

Health testing is not 100% guarantee, as perfectly healthy parents can still produce defective puppies. That’s just luck of the draw and how Mother Nature keeps us humble. However, breeding without health testing is like gambling blind, and is just an irresponsible thing to do, when problems that could otherwise be avoided are now passed on to the next generations.

TO.P.A.Z. breeding dogs have all undergone OFA testing, and have met all requirement to obtain their CHIC numbers. Our dogs are FVII clear by descent, unless otherwise specified.

Pet Quality vs Show Quality?

ALL our puppies start in the “pet” category, which as the name implies, they will make a great addition to the good-matching home.

A puppy who possesses any undesired traits according to the breed standard are not suitable for conformation events or to be bred.  These traits may be purely cosmetic, such as less desirable masks, mismatched markings or kinked tails, or may be somewhat structure related such as incorrect bite,  or undescended testicles in the case of males. Sometimes, the reasons are health related such as presence of a heart murmur or hernia. As such, these puppies will carry their default “pet” rating.

“Show” quality means that the puppy is correct in conformation according to the breed standard. It DOES NOT mean the puppy comes with breeding rights. In fact, except for those going to existing breeders or under special arrangements, all our other puppies will be sold explicitly on a spay/neuter or a non-breeding (in the case of homes who wish to compete in conformation events) contract.

** If you wish to breed your AKK, please feel free to reach out to me to discuss potential mentorship opportunities. You MUST be willing to become involved in training, testing, and competing with your AKK to be considered. **

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