Honorable Mentions

CA URO1 CH ‘PR’ Taylak S.G. Kasuf Pikatti SPOT-ON

pikaprofileColor: Gray/white
Eyes: Double brown
Size: Miniature
DOB: July 2009
FVII: Normal by descent
Health: OFA (thyroid, cardiac, patella, hips) and CERF certified 2012, 2015

Pika is my first Alaskan Klee Kai and my special girl, who came from June Demers of Taylak Kennels. She is the proud foundation female of the TO.P.A.Z. breeding program.

A mellow but highly sensitive individual, Pika does not exactly enjoy being a conformation “show” dog. Pika now trains and participates in obedience, rally obedience and agility. She also has a natural “chase” drive and excels in lure coursing.

Pika retired from our breeding program and was spayed in September 2015.

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Waco’s Kodi v. Lakota Waco’s Aitut v. Tazlina
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‘PR’ Alasco’s Harding (“Shadow”)

hardingColor: Grey/white, BBEE (non red-factored; non white-factored)
Eyes: Double brown
Size: Miniature
DOB: Dec 2008
FVII: Normal by descent
Health: OFA thyroid, patella, cardiac “normal” 2015; CERF eye “breeder option” distichiasisOFA hips “good” 2015; Genetic Diversity DNA profiled

*Note* Shadow suffered a fractured left hip at one point in his early life, and as a result his entire left rear assembly, including hip, patella and hock, has been negatively impacted.

Harding (now named Shadow) and I went back a LONG way, back to the very beginning of my AKK journey. You see, back in 2008, it was Harding’s puppy picture posted on Eileen’s website that made up my mind about getting into the Alaskan Klee Kai breed seriously. I waited until late 2009 to visit Eileen’s Kennelette, and at that moment she was using him for breeding and was no longer available. So instead of Harding from Eileen, I got Pika from June, and we all know how THAT storyline went 😉

A couple years ago, Eileen had to downsize and Harding was available again. But bad timing for a second time, as my AKK program was not ready for a permanent stud. I had to pass up on him yet again. I then learned that Fran of Avalonia Acres had acquired Harding. My heart jumped, as he’s just gotten sooo much closer in location to me, from Colorado to Connecticut! I contacted Fran a few times and talked to her again at Premier about this special boy. Fast forward to New Year’s Eve 2014. I finally got to acquire Harding from Fran and brought him home with me. I really believe that him and I are meant to be! Although, he needs (and deserves) some extra positive attention to build up that lacking “pet-sense” due to being a kennel dog his first 4 rough years of life, and the love in my household is divided among my entire pack. So if, and only if, I come across a home that can devote to him more than I plan to do myself, then I’ll consider letting him go. At the mean time, he’s part of my family!

Shadow is retired from breeding and now lives happily in his furever home in Kitchener ON 🙂

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