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We live in the city, therefore our program must remain small to abide by local by-laws, which limit the number of resident dogs to 4. We rely heavily on collaboration with other breeders and foster families to maintain a versatile breeding program.

GRCH ‘PR’ TO.PaZ’s Lucky Irish Treasure (“Logan”)

loganColor: Black/white, BBEe (non red-factored, white-factored)
Eyes: Double brown
Size: Miniature
DOB: Sept 2012
FVII: Normal by descent
Health: OFA thyroid, patella “normal” 2015; OFA cardiac “normal” 2016; CERF eye “normal” 2015; OFA hips “excellent” 2015; Genetic Diversity DNA profiled

Logan was born right here at TO.P.A.Z. out of Pika and Sparrow. He is sweet as can be and loves people, which is exactly where the Alaskan Klee Kai breed needs to go in terms of temperament. Logan lives in Toronto with his human parents Tom and Zara, and we’re excited to see what Logan can achieve with his good looks and positive attitude.


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