Our Permanent Pack

CA URO1 CH PR’ Taylak S.G. Kasuf Pikatti SPOT-ON, CGN

pikaprofilePika joined our  family on Sept 21, 2009. “Pikatti” is an eskimo word meaning  “companion”. She is my first Alaskan Klee Kai and my special girl.

A mellow but highly sensitive individual, Pika trains and participates in obedience, rally obedience and agility on a recreational level. She has a natural “chase” drive and excels in lure coursing.

We are thankful to June Demers of Taylak Kennels to entrust  us with this little beautiful new companion of ours! She is the proud foundation female of our breeding program.

 Pika retired from our breeding program and was spayed in September 2015.


URO2 PR’ HOT Ni’cko Dazzl’in ToPAZ SPOT-ON, CGN


Ni’cko has been removed from our breeding program when it was discovered that he has an undershot bite. Nonetheless, he shows excellent aptitude for becoming a performance dog. Currently he is training and participating in obedience and rally obedience.

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