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2 weeks ago

The “bed invading bandits” 😜

ps. Beau on the left is just visiting. He is TOPAZ’s one and only ever white puppy. His parents are Pika and Sparrow.

2 weeks ago

One of the puppies mistook Victoria for the milkbar at breakfast this morning 😂

2 weeks ago
Photos from TOPAZ Alaskan Klee Kai's post

We aced our vet appointments so mom took us for a PUPPUCCINO afterwards.

~Belle and Zipper

2 weeks ago

We have charted our first one-pounder this morning 😁

Vader, consistently since birth, leads the weigh in among the three boys.

All of them are gaining healthily and surpassed the 400g mark.

2 weeks ago

Sidious and Vader are getting their back dewclaws removed at the vet today.

Maul doesn’t have any back dews so he got to stay home with momma-Cherry.

2 weeks ago

Maul wants to remind everyone that it is Tongue Out Tuesday today 😛

ps. Rebecca calls him “cutie pie” 😂

2 weeks ago

Introducing our 3 brand new Sith Lords - born today (5/5/2019) at 5pm. The Sith (“fifth”) in them is strong 😂

Sidious and Maul will very likely be going to pet homes. Vader will be under ... See more

2 weeks ago

Puppies are here 😁

I blinked, and 2 popped out 😂😂😂

2 weeks ago

Still on puppy watch!

I guess Cherry disagrees with my proposed Star Wars theme 😜

Cherry’s temp dropped further to 97.5 (it was 98.2 yesterday) and she’s refusing her food today. Should be close now.

I will lose my mind if I don’t see puppies by this time tomorrow 😫

2 weeks ago

During the hustle bustle of this morning, I forgot to take a picture of Louki with his new people before they left 😭

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