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3 weeks ago

Mother Nature is not kind to my waitlist homes 😞

First breeding plan in 2019 of Belle and Azeem will be a singleton litter. The chance of the little one becoming available is slim.

I planned ... See more

1 month ago

The doggies’ feet can handle the cold with ease, but the salt is brutal. Boots are a MUST!

Connect the red dots...ummm...boots 😂

1 month ago

The groundhogs were right! It’s early Spring, but just for these couple of days 😂😂

Let’s take advantage and relax in some fresh air outside on the deck ❤️

1 month ago

I am now taking new applications for puppies. Please expect 2-3 litters wait time.

See my website for details.

1 month ago
Canadian Kennel Club

Canadian-born puppies are now okay to go to the USA without waiting on their rabies vaccine.

The CDC has informed CKC of their updated policy for dog owners & importers seeking to bring a dog into the U.S.

We're pleased to announce that Canada is now considered canine rabies virus variant ... See more

1 month ago

Please join us Sunday Feb 3rd 2019 for our GTA Klee Kai Breed meet. 11am - 12:30pm . Location is Barks n Rec - 1590 Matheson Blvd, Mississauga, ON L4W 1J1. Admission is $10 per dog.
Let's stay ... See more

1 month ago

A better look at Pika’s fading nosebar LOL 😜

1 month ago

Our matriarch, Pika, will be 10 years old this year. Incredible how fast time goes by.

2 months ago
Champion Petfoods

Along with their latest changes in recipes and introduction of lower grades Heritage lines, here is one more indicator that Champion Pet Foods have decided to put quantity over quality.

I no longer ... See more

2 months ago

We LOVE seeing our TOPAZ kids from time to time. Today I met up with Kepler, a Belle/Cheers “wine” puppy who used to be called Shiraz.

He inherited his mommy’s supermodel long legs, and his ... See more

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Monthly Greater Toronto Area AKK Meet Up *Everyone Welcome*

GTA AKK meet up is held on the first Sunday of each month, except if it falls on a long weekend then the meet up will be moved down to the following Sunday). Meet up time is usually at noon.  Location may vary every meetup. Join the Alaskan Klee Kai Canada Facebook group, or check my Facebook page one day before the meet (Saturday) to find out which location to go to.

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