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19 hours ago

For people who don’t know the difference. From left to right. Malamute (Cro)Siberian (Mission), Klee Kai (Whimsy)

1 day ago

Puppies tried out “elevated surface” (dog walk) today 😁

1 day ago

Treats! Gimme TREATS!

ps. Cherry was here too but she chose wandering around over sitting nicely 😂

1 day ago


But at least you get to see all six!

The TOPAZ Resort is BUSY this week!!

5 days ago
TOPAZ AKK Application Request

Link to the application form:


(Part 1 of 2)

5 days ago


I made a boo boo and erased ALL my applications 😭 Please resubmit if you’re interested in my current/upcoming puppies.

5 days ago

I’d say the puppies agree that half an hour of “growing up and learning about the world” is exhausting work 😴😴😴


5 days ago

ALWAYS draws a crowd 🤣🤣

5 days ago

What’s that big white strange-looking thing over there?

Puppies are learning about cars, street noises and strangers this afternoon.

5 days ago

Puppies got a decor change, and some new enrichment toys 🎾🎾

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Monthly Greater Toronto Area AKK Meet Up *Everyone Welcome*

GTA AKK meet up is held on the first Sunday of each month, except if it falls on a long weekend then the meet up will be moved down to the following Sunday). Meet up time is usually at noon.  Location may vary every meetup. Join the Alaskan Klee Kai Canada Facebook group, or check my Facebook page one day before the meet (Saturday) to find out which location to go to.

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